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Conflict resolution {unarmed}

Unarmed conflicts are easily resolved through numbers, if your character has more people on their side then they win, simple. The “loser” of the encounter should act appropriately and no physical contact should be made unless both sides agree through verbal prompts.

If you wish for the scene to involve physical contact you should use the prompt “Is that all you’ve got.” Note that this physical contact should be no more than a minor tussle or arm grab.

Conflict resolution {melee weapon}

Only approved larp safe weapons should ever be used to strike another person. This must be done in a safe manner with the blow suitably pulled as to not injure others.

If struck with a weapon you should act appropriately. A metal bar may leave your character bruised or render them unconscious after several blows. A knife will have a character needing stitches but a chainsaw or an augmented cybernetic claw will have your character needing some serious medical attention.

Conflict resolution {unarmed and melee weapon pit fights}

Pit fights for money will feature heavily for some characters and so in keeping with the feel and spirit of the setting these will work differently.

Before a fight begins each competitor will be offered the chance to choose between armed or unarmed combat. This will allow those who feel uncomfortable with stage/physical fighting to move it in a direction they feel safe in. If either side chooses armed then the combat will be fought with larp safe melee weapons.

As a note on the setting! The fans love both forms of violence, street law dictates that both hold equal value and there is no advantage to being “hard core” and using your fists. Once the combatants have decide on which form of violent display they will be involved in a coin is tossed by an IC ref off screen. Each should then make a call on heads or tails, the winner then gets to choose who wins or loses.

Finally, there will be methods of altering the course of fights, for example some items discovered during play will allow the occasional “re-tossing” of the coin.

Conflict resolution {firearms}

Guns are scary and dangerous, the more of them and the bigger they get the scarier they seem.

If a firearm is pointed directly at your character and they do not have a firearm readied your character should surrender. In instances where multiple firearms are in play the side with the least amount of firearms or smaller ones should surrender.

Where there is an uncertainty or a character wants to shoot first you may shout “BANG” to indicate that a gun has been discharged. Any character who believes they may have been struck by a bullet should act appropriately.

This will then end any stand off and the side with the least number of, or smaller firearms in play should surrender.

Augmented Combatants

Augment Fugitive characters are the exception to many of the above mechanics.

In unarmed conflicts they do not need to back down, instead they may choose to switch the outcome of the encounter by using the prompt “This won’t end well for you.”

In melee conflicts items such as metal bars and knifes will not cause the character injuries. Only heavy melee weapons such as chainsaws and augmented cyber claws will injure the character upon which they should act appropriately.

In firearm conflicts normal rules apply.