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“Oh, don't give us none of your aggravation//We had it with your discipline//Saturday night's alright for fighting//Get a little action in” Historical quote - source unknown

A Bobbit Worm x Carcosa Dreams online game experience.

Survival Night is the wildest party of the year. It's wild because it's conflicted. Not only are you celebrating the fact you fucking survived another year but you're also remembering that not everyone made it this far.

This year is special, it’s fight night. The top 4 fashion brands of 2041 and the one and only Big Beats have united to sponsor the event in an old Cantos Server complex, on the edge of the wastelands. Reclaimed servers have been used to create a one of a kind closed network with human plug and play data booths allowing for a unique digital experience for all.

“The Colossi: Set in an area of reclaimed wasteland, the fashion houses have collaborated in a monumental new enterprise. This triptych is a purpose-built digitized arena. A testament to years of research and design, resources and material, it elevates the fighting arts to a new plateau. A gargantuan of concrete surrounding an intricate confection of ceramics, precious metals, and the very bleeding edge of technology. More than this, it is a statement, a message. Referencing the best of the old, yet looking to the future, the piece reflects civility reclaiming it’s authority.” Sacha Aoki: A Suckafuck spokesperson

Tickets have sold out in Tower One, aircraft are shipping the rich and wealthy by the thousand to the complex.

It is time your gang put their money where their mouth is and get ready to gamble territory on the best fighter they have. Behind the scenes your support team will gather intel on the competition, make sponsorship deals, haggle, threaten and bribe to give your fighter an advantage.

Build, customise and enhance your team’s avatar with a range of upgrades, modifications and resources. Specialise or generalise? Is your path to victory to create the greatest avatar for the situation, or play the opposition? Will you win by what you do in the arena or outside it?

Winning bouts will see your gang’s territory increase, lose and you will be handing over vital space and resources to your rivals.

What are you waiting for?

Dust off your gang colours and those plasticrete knuckle dusters.

It’s fight time!

What is this?

“A couple of the sounds that I really like/ Are the sounds of a switchblade and a motorbike/ I'm a juvenile product of the working class Whose best friend floats in the bottom of a glass, oh” Historical quote - source unknown

Tenement T67: Survival Night 2 will be an online immersive roleplay game supported by a physical pack containing props, costume and background all linked to your gang and their fashion sponsor. The game will be played out over discord over a 4-hour period. Players will be attendees of this event - playing fighters, their support team or just fans there to spectate.

A unique statistics-based system will be used to determine the winner of the bouts, the outcome of which can be manipulated by the in-game actions of your gang. With little physical exertion required to physically represent the fighting bouts this is a great opportunity for those who may not normally explore this kind of game for whatever reason.

Practical bits

If you have any questions please email:

The ticket will gain you:

  • Access to the main and performance spaces.
  • Access to interactions with cast and narrative
  • A gift box containing momentos for the event
  • A selection of physical key items needed to gain access to certain areas and enrich your experience to compliment the event
  • Access to an afterparty hosted on the server from the end of the event.


Tickets are £29.99 including UK postage. For those outside the UK, there is an additional £5 shipping charge for overseas postage.



Characters will be attendees of the Survival Night party. They will be a part of a gang and have a role within a team.

The Gangs

Each character will be part of a gang. You will be asked to provide a first, second and third choice for a gang

Death Dust 50’s

Makers and sellers of the street drug “Nightshade”. Relatively new to the world of the inter-tenement gang war their power base grew exponentially after making an alliance with the Syndicate. Nobody except the gang top dogs and the Syndicate members of the Three know why an alliance was made instead of a take over.

They view the more established gangs as an old guard who need to be deposed, they had their time and wasted it. Their look is black with their faces painted like skulls (anatomy, not Mexican Day of the Dead).

Noteable Territories;

Tenement 50: Home base of the Death Dust 50’s and the location of the Nightshade chemical factory. After some dealings with the Syndicate this place has been further fortified with high tech monitoring systems of the kind you may see in a Corporation Factory. Rumour is there is more than Nightshade brewing here and this new security is designed to keep it safe. Perhaps it is a new combat drug as many Zee Munitions trucks have been seen leaving the area.

Tenement 51 (The Temple): An old media hub, strewn with recording studios, broken down satellite comms towers and server buildings. The Church of the Digital Mother protects the place fanatically but allows the controlling gang some freedom to operate in exchange for added protection and trade.

Tenement 111 (The Gateway): The gateway is a mega structure, 4 sets of super reinforced gates with towers on either side, the only way into the Gov.’s last remaining super prison facility nicknamed “The Hole”. Tenement 111 is on the outside of the walls and sprawls around the entrance like an estuary. Holding this tenement is vital for the gang’s income, every visitor pays a toll if they wish to see their loved ones.

The Syndicate

Ruled from the shadows the Syndicate have been slowly amassing power and influence over the more vulnerable criminal element of the tenements for over a decade.

Operating illegal bars and clubs they have watched and operated in some cases under the noses of street gangs and the distracted police department. Loyalty, competence and obedience are expected of new recruits, with failure to comply severely punished. A warning comes with violence and there are no second chances. (Think Mafia).

In a very public move they took control of tenement 101 and tenement 67 in late 2039. They still control 101 but a rebellion by the 67 Saints and The 13 Foxes saw them dramatically driven from Tenement 67.

Notable territories;

Tenement 101: T101 aka Paradise is the entertainment hub of choice for the tenement dweller looking for excitement, to chill out or to make some new pound gambling, thieving, or extorting those passing through.

A plethora of Dreamweaver cells, bars, restaurants, fighting pits, street games and casinos compete for business in this bustling tenement. The right spot can mean making some serious cash even during these austere times. Despite some upheaval and the 67 Saint betrayal it remains in the control of the Syndicate.

The Hub: Not a tenement but equally as important. The Hub is where the corporations store and then shop out items to vending machines across the other tenements. The Syndicate work these loading docks, keeping the peace (unofficially for the corps), ensuring thefts and violence remain under 8% of the crime committed.

Tenement 20: Home to an Ouroboros meat plant. Providing protection and keeping any kind of authorities away from the facility and the workforce is lucrative. The operation has gone very smoothly, and the rumour is the company paid for a significant arms shipment of top end Zee Munitions nano blade tech as a bonus.

The 25th legion

Amongst the thousands of gangs found in the tenements the 25th Legion [B.E] are one of the most successful and brutal. Gang lore holds that the founder of the 25th Legion was an augmented soldier, decorated and bloodied in the worst black op’s shadow wars. Tired of the unethical violence for corporate paymasters she gave notice but not before challenging her superiors on the immoral actions of her unit. In the Tenements she found a new purpose and a new army to build.

She is only known by her black ops handle “Freya” and her word is law.

Becoming one of the 25th Legion (B.E) is only possible by the introduction of existing members. If accepted, the Wise of the gang will educate and train, ready for the future and to face the challenges that gang life throws in their way.

Famed for their brutality the gang are known to crucify those who have wrong the gang. In many Tenements snitches may get stitches but here you are lucky if you are beaten to death in the fight pits.

Noteable territories;

Tenement 25: The police call it “the fortress”. An old military base and headquarters of the legion. It has been fully refurbished, behind thick tall concrete walls spread domed billets and training bunkers. An undercover texter newsletter claims the place is rigged to blow if ever taken over, dead switches linked to key members' hearts would turn it into a crater.

Tenement 21 (Aka the Boneyard): A huge scrap yard where everything from old cars to abandoned space technology. The largest piece of scrap is a prototype orbital robotics station which crashed into the BoneYard after its lift into space went wrong. The huge structure is still being salvaged, a delight for any jury-rigging cyber tech.

Tenement 61 (AKA the Rat Run): The gang recently discovered an abandoned subterranean building project that was part of the Gov. original tenement program. A chemical incident and building collapse kept the area off limits for years. The only thing they have found so far is evidence that people are living down there (although they have not seen them yet).

The 13 Foxes

The 13 Foxes are not a gang, they say. Gangs are criminals, thugs with no honour. The 13 Foxes, as they style themselves, have a strict code. They live and die by this code...

Want to know what it is? Best ask them.

A biker gang obsessed with the romantic image of Samurai found in antique and very illegal media (see literary code 13c), members wear top knots (where their hair is long enough) and sport modified breather masks in a Men-gu style.

Whilst they believe themselves to be “honourable warriors” seeking to 'protect' common folk in the hell that is Tenement 13 and the surrounding area, the locals call it what it really is “nice extortion”. Whilst some have mixed feelings about the expected 'tithe' and show of respect the gang feel they are due

Tenement 13: The air in this tenement is toxic, situated in the red zone around the base of Tower One (the mega structure where the rich and power live). Unlike other tenements in the red zone 13 was inhabited until very recently by the Thirteen Foxes. A casualty of the ongoing conflict between the Corporations and the Union Terror Group, Red Flag. It now lays in ruins, the ingenious filtration systems rigged up damaged beyond repair and our lying buildings destroyed or burnt out.

Tenement 21: Adjacent to tenement 13 but just outside of the destruction zone. Once a narcotics factory, the mountain of stolen medical equipment is now used to treat those who migrated from tenement 13. Subterranean levels now house the gang's home base.

Tenement 23: A trade outpost controlled by the Foxes. After the betrayal by the 67 Saints there were constant pushes by the Syndicate to take control. They were held off by the gang and local’s intent on maintaining their independence. After a small group of Foxes aided in the overthrowing of the Syndicate in tenement 67 Ma’ma Saint led a team to hit the Syndicate from the rear. 23 is now completely in the control of the Foxes once more.

67 Saints

While the gang has a definite leadership there is a bit of a murky concept around who is in charge- there are 4 or five people who each run their own part of the gang - drugs, protection, violence, money and fixer types- which all pool their Resources with System. A lot of gang decisions are made via a vote of the “family” (said leaders), as well as independent projects picked up by individuals.

Initiation into the gang involves a test or task - usually something within the person’s wheelhouse but difficult to achieve. Examples being a set amount of money to produce within a time limit, or specific intel gathering on a rival gang or lucrative target. If you succeed you get your tattoo, the saints symbol somewhere obvious on your body - eg wrist, neck and head/face are common locations.

The gang consider themselves a family, which means they will back members to the hilt and form strong alliances both within the gang but also with other gangs outside of 67. However if a member betrays the gang in any way, the punishments are severe, including a brutal removal of their gang tattoo.

They’ve grown fairly fast although their recent stint as Syndicate dogsbodies has probably done a number on their ranks...

Notable territories;

Tenement 67:Tenement 67 also known as ‘Winston Churchill House’ is the worst. It remains police free after another failed attempt to bring law and order, only two cops survived! After the 67 Saints joined forces with the 13 Foxes they even drove out The Syndicate. Since all the drama is quiet again, life goes on, it remains the home of Ma’ma Saint, the gang's Matriarch.

Tenement 68: Home to the fourth largest Big Beats Big Beats franchise, this state-of-the-art fight club, bar and grill is a popular venue for people from all financial brackets. A big money maker of the gang. “From small time crook to small fry corporate franchiser, the life of Big Beats has been a rocky one. A promising career as a DJ Big Beats wasted it all by getting into bed with a Stim dealer cartel back in 31. Once a rival of the infamous #1, but no more.”

Tenement 69: It appears to be an abandoned industrial complex harking back to the early 2020’s. Amongst the fire damage and neglect on the surface people do their best to make homes. It is all camouflage for a huge narcotics lab operated by the Saints.

The Road Ghosts (Formerly the 290 Gear Heads)

Street racing hooligans. For this gang it is all about the need for speed and the need for violence, every side job funds new bikes and limbs to replace those lost in races.

Leadership is loose and flows back and forth between, infighting is a regular occurrence but nobody messes with racing night and nobody messes with a Ghost. If you threaten one you threaten all, the last thing you want to hear is hundreds of angry cybertech’d up bikers coming your way.

Random fact: The gang changed their name from the 290 Gear Heads after they gained control of tenements 301 & 302. It was changed the day after a sit down with one of the Cantos family, the mockery of the old name and a suggestion to call themselves something “cool” like the Road Ghosts.

Notable territories;

The Track (292): For some people high octane road violence (or races technically) is better than any drug on the market. Bikes, buggies, wrecks, and trucks drive the circuit at obscene speeds or battle in Death Races for fame and glory. Track racing is the pinnacle of motor sport in 2040, every gear head wants to make it from street racer to Track Star.

Tenement 301 & 302: Located next to the Cantos Orbital Launch Centre this tenement and the area surrounding it is well known for hijacking, theft, and robbery. Seedy bars, excitement, bars, and restaurants draw out the technicians from the secure facility. Despite warnings they find themselves extorted, robbed, and sometimes kidnapped by the local gang.

Note that none are ever killed, the price to return them is always affordable and the gang do not take the piss. It is so common that Cantos have an office located in the tenement, a contact point where a lucky ganger can earn a pay day for returning Cantos “property”.

Character roles

Each character will need to belong to one of the following roles, please note that they are limited to one per team with the exception of entourage. During the booking process you will need to give us a top 3 choices so we can do our best to match the Gang and Character for you.

This is a great opportunity to develop a character for a future event, making deals with NPC’s, ripping off the competition, making or breaking relationships.

Gang Leader

You may be just a senior lieutenant but you have been chosen to lead this operation. Maybe your own gang chose you? Maybe being a leader is your right? This is something to discuss during the pre-game workshop.

During the game your primary role alongside keeping everyone on point will be to decide which of your available territories you wish to gamble in the next match your gang's fighter takes part in. Note that should your fighter lose the fight the territory control will be given over to the winning gang.


Patching up other gang members is nothing new to you. Perhaps you learnt your craft on the streets? Or maybe you are on the run from The Willow Foundation?

During the game your primary role alongside patching up your gang's fighter is to work with the promoter to get the medical supplies you need to keep your fighter in the game. An injured fighter will have a significant disadvantage in their next fight if it has not been resolved.


Using programs you’ll have your work cut out protecting the fighter from outside influence and working with the promoter to acquire the next upgrade program which will give your fighter a better chance.

You’ll need to grease the wheels, blag, steal and beg from Corporate sponsors to get better programs and keep ahead of the game.


You’d better be gracious and keep your gang mates onside, without their support you’ll end up dead or worse.


The acceptable face the gang presents to the high class corporate sponsors, if you can’t keep the relationships sweet the others will suffer. A demanding bunch you’ll need to keep your wits about you or you and the gang could end up in trouble.

During the game you’ll be the point of contact should one of the sponsors or other interested parties like a word. Some of your team will need help meeting the right people, it’s your job to find out who is who and get the introductions in.


Strength in numbers. No gang will leave home without backup of some kind.

This role would suit people intent on having a more relaxed role-play evening, the character will need to be with a gang but they won’t have responsibilities like the other roles. Free to roam, gamble, socialise and catch up with people they don’t get to see away from Survival night.

Examples: Mascots, Cheerleaders, Family, Friends, Lovers, Haters and everything else including existing non-corporate characters from previous events.