Survival Night

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Survival Night 2040

Survival Night is the wildest party of the year. It's wild because it's conflicted. Not only are you celebrating the fact you survived another year but you're also remembering that not everyone made it this far.

This isn't your usual party but you're living for it and there'll be other gigs you can move to later.

In 2040 this was held in Tenement block 99, an old abandoned prison re-skinned for housing. [git stash pop] the DJ invited so many with the promise of good beats, plentiful supplies and the best kinds of trouble.

A haven for Fixers this tenement is equipped with two virtual private networks that linked guests to a team of contacts that can get whatever partygoers needed outside the tenement.

When a party goes wrong

A group working a contract from a Corporation were sent eliminate all the owners of implants which had been modded by Cyan Dreams. They had been tweaked to connect to a remote network which a Corporation were using to store digital consciousnesses on. Anyone with one of these implants had their mind corrupted by one of these consciousness downloaded to their implant with no known solution to the problem.

The Corporations involved needed to erase any evidence that their network wasn’t totally secure, that there had been another security breach.

The aftermath

The contacts managed to redirect the gas inside the outer-ring of T99 to the exterior of the building, killing or incapacitating most of the operatives present. Some had masks or were further away, and these moved into the tenement to try and clean up before anything worse happened.

After searching the tenement for survivors, the operatives retreated, telling their bosses the operation was a success.

They didn't find everyone and some people know things that those in power would rather be kept secret.