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Surface Features is a larp set in the dystopian cyberpunk Tenement 67 universe, the date is 2040…

They used say that you can’t put a price on friendship and love.

In 2040 it’s still true but now there are other things money can’t buy.

Sometime in 2034 the process was perfected, advances in biotech and Artificial Intelligence finally broke through the barrier of cognitive transference. With the final piece of the puzzle solved human consciousness could finally be backed up and transferred into an engineered cloned duplicate.

The Cantos Conglomerate patented the tech overnight, ensuring they maintained a monopoly which is still going strong six years later.

With remote satellite uplinks in place the memories and personality of an individual are backed up on an hourly basis. Should they tire of it or the duplicate be damaged another can simply be activated. Gifts and presents, the price of these clones is beyond comprehension both in monetary and status terms. One simply cannot purchase a clone no matter how wealthy they may be. In fact only five of the corporate dynasties who have survived the fall of the internet age are thought to be “in the club”.

There’s a problem though, someone has found a back door into the system and has been uploading the personalities of the lower class to the backup mainframe. The hunt is still on for them in the real world but something needs to be done to prevent more hijackings of synthetic clone bodies.

The Artificial Intelligence Monica has been tasked with sorting through the digital imprints of personalities queued up for real world integration. By their calculations 10% of the personalities in storage are intruders which must be routed out and deleted to prevent further damage to the corporation. All personalities will now be transferred to a sophisticated digital environment where they will be observed and tested whilst Monica decides which of the 10% are to be deleted.

With your immortality on the line what will you do to ensure you are not in that 10%?

What is this larp about?

•Fear. The elite characters who find themselves in this digital construct will not have known real fear for a long time. They have had backups allowing them to cheat death but now they face oblivion.

•Paranoia. Who is who they say they are? Does it really matter? As long as your character is not one of the 10% who will be deleted. With existence on the line, old scores may be settled in the most heinous way.

•Risk. Your character should be willing to risk everything on schemes to ensure they are not in the 10%. No character is exempt from Monica’s final decision. It will be essential that your character investigates, betrays and manipulates to ensure their survival.

•Luxury. The construct will mimic the day to day life of the super elite, and appropriate outfits will programmed for them to wear. Dress to impress, enjoy the lifestyle and use it as a weapon.

Your character will subjected to a luxurious environment which is designed to distract from the existential horror of a computer generated intelligence determining the continued existence of those in the simulation. Avatars of the program and external operators dialling in will offer guidance, provide support, listen to and note down accusations and subject your characters to a series of tests designed to determine if they are who they claim to be. Characters will also be subjected non-physical interrogations, questioning and social experiments with all responses recorded in detail so that the A.I can make a decision at 11pm on Saturday evening.

What isn’t it about?

•Escape. There is no escape from the construct, there is nothing beyond the grounds, no secret back doors. Attempting to escape will be fruitless and this involves any schemes to reprogram or hack the AI.

•Revolution. Refusing the AI instructions will lead to a very dull game for those who do it. It has no need to push characters to engage with the programmed environment and this play will not be supported.

•Violence. Murder and violence against other characters is pointless, the AI is the only one with the power to cause harm or death. In test situations the AI may override the program to cause simulated pain/stress, this will be explained in the mechanics guide.

•Bullying. Whilst betrayal and scheming is part of the larp we ask that open bullying behaviour, dog piling and inaccessible cliques outside of the scope of character briefs be kept to a minimum.

Examples of encounters [Organised play]

Below is a short list of some encounters that your character may be involved in.

Meeting the family lawyer

A one to one interaction with the family lawyer will allow your character to release information into the real world. This could be secrets or moves to interfere with other corporations and so much more. During the event these events will have an effect on the real world which could seriously impact a characters status and help prove who they say they are! These will be communicated via newscast's for all to see.

Family therapy sessions

It's rare to have everyone in the same place and so a perfect chance to catch up. We won't spoiler the questions for activities but guarantee that with the dysfunctional corporate families there will be some drama.

Croquette on the lawn

If the sun is on our side...

If not a more gentle version will be available inside, who doesn't want to be cyberpunk royalty playing this age old game.

The digital disco

A chance to shake off winter and get your dance on with others! With a special quests DJ! The one and only git stash pop!!!!!

Practical bits

The original run was cancelled due to covid, a new date will be confirmed when we feel ready to run this event again.

How to book

Details will appear here.


The larp will begin on Friday evening and end around midnight on Saturday with an after party and optional debrief.

Please arrive on site and be ready for pregame workshops by 7pm on Friday. The larp will then time in between 8pm and 9pm. It will run through to around midnight on Saturday. Participants will need to leave the venue by 2pm on Sunday.

Food and drink

Food will not be included in the ticket price. We will have a caterer on site who will take real world currency and will have a system in place for pre-booking meal tickets with them.

Alternatively you may wish to self-cater using the community kitchen which will have microwaves and hot water. If you wish to self-cater in another manner please get in touch so we can discuss set up and arrangements.

More details on caterers and food will be available as arrangements are clarified.

Drink and snacks

Please bring some of your own drinks if you like, there will be water, tea and coffee available in the off game welfare space.

Alcohol is permitted but we ask that this be kept to a sensible amount and is presented in keeping with the larp. If in an in game area it should be presented as high quality alcohol suitable for the super wealthy. Note that excessive alcohol consumption will lead to you being removed from the larp until sober.

As part of the experience a limited variety of snacks and drinks will be available which are in keeping with the theme.


The venue has running water.


Sleeping will be in individual bunks in shared bedroom spaces. All sleeping areas will be off game.


A lift and ramps will be in place where possible providing access to the majority of the venue and suitable bathroom facilities will be made available.

There is power throughout the venue.

In regards to in game areas, each floor will have the same in game areas including interview rooms, medical areas, black box spaces that these scenes can be played out for all participants.

All texts will be made available in large print, easier to read fonts.

Seating will be available in all areas of significance.

Please note that in some areas there will be flashing lights and significant sound levels similar to a night club environment. These will be in black box spaces not the main area.

If you have any other requirements or queries regarding what we can do to facilitate your attendance please get in touch.


The venue has full shower facilities.

Interacting with the wider world?

The intention for events is that the game will take place where it is set, for the entirety of the game. With the exception of limited scenes there will be very few times when your characters leave the immediate area and these will still be "inside the digital construct".

In instances where these may occur they will only be instigated by a specifically briefed character. Please do not approach the games team or NPC’s asking for a way to visit other locations outside of those offered.

Family representative

As mentioned above there will be limited scope for engaging with the outside world. The primary access point available to all characters will be the family legal representative. As part of the A.I programming the families legal teams are permitted access to personalities in storage. This is normally used to ensure alibis and stories are straight before re-uploading into a clone to avoid any legal issues they may have caused before clone death.

Sadly the system is the system and they cannot change this, even the Cantos family have no control of the automated system that anyone is aware of. What the legal representative can do though is offer advice and help you the player calibrate your experience. These will be available via appointment with first time users getting priority each session.

In these one on one sessions you'll be speaking to a member of the team who will feedback to organisers, you could use if for any of the following:

  • To let us know you want information from your background leaked.
  • To ask advice on what you can do if you are feeling lost.
  • To ask for dirt on another individual (note you will only be able to use this once).
  • To let us know you want more interrogation type play.
  • To ask for less interrogation type play.
  • To amend any items on your pre-game questionnaire.

Introducing the cast

There is a vast array of characters to play in this larp (because you get to write them), each with unique motivations and goals to be explored. To balance the tension and political sway of characters there will be limited places for each character archetype detailed in this event guide.

The 0.1%

You are the elite, children, partners, cousins… you are the dynasty families who control the mega corporations of 2040. Money is no object, you are immortal now that you have your personality backed up to the cloud ready to be reintegrated with a fresh clone of yourself. How did their last clones perish? It's something you'll need to let us know about when creating your character.

Inspiration: Mean Girls, Tessier-Ashpool (Neuromancer), the Kardashian’s, the Bancroft’s (Altered Carbon).

What are they?

  • Spoilt
  • Powerful
  • Smart
  • Bored (in some cases, especially if not involved in the family business running)

What they are not?

  • Idiots
  • Comedy evil
  • Openly mean bullies (the world of the 0.1% is about clever power plays to wrestle more control and a better position or simply embarrassing the family in some cases but it is always done with guile)

Costume design

This is a virtual environment but the digital avatar created will appear human in the latest fashion which is an outfit as outlandish and cyberpunk/classy business/extravagant evening wear predominantly in a single colour. No visible cyber technology is generally found amongst this class but tattoos can be common amongst the more distant relatives.

Once you have booked and paid your deposit more information will be briefed on the families, big names and events etc. There will be no in game mechanical advantage attached to each family however each will have a separate briefing regarding the inner goings on of the family, shady dealings, old debts etc. (which will be slightly different for each generation).

To keep these evenly spread, when booking please indicate which family and generation you would prefer to be from in order of preference.

Whilst we have used the term generation it does not necessarily indicate age, with the technology being fairly recent ages will vary but will be irrelevant as you can have your clone aged as you like. It is not possible to play a ruling council member.

The Families

  • Cantos
  • Zachery (Zee)
  • Heinreiter
  • Aerophyte
  • Willow
  • Sorenson (Controlling shareholders of Deploy INC)

You can find out more about these mega corporations in the setting documents.


Heirs: Your parents are on the controlling council of the corporation, you are next inline for that spot should they both perish or fall from grace. You will have jealous younger siblings and must work hard day to day in the corporations business affairs to ensure you are not superseded. In the real world you have significant access to resources of a department within the corporation. Your close friends will be other Heirs, you need to stick together. It is not possible to play the heir to the Zachery corporation for reasons.

The hungry: Your siblings or cousins are inline for the throne and you want is so bad! In the real world you'll have some access to corporate assets but will have limited power to make big decisions and chances are your ideas or schemes are ignored or shot down by the Heir generation. Its a dangerous position to be in, fighting for power in immortal families is not easy but this situation (when the character becomes aware of it) could be a blessing.

The carefree: You could have been an heir who gave up any chance or longing for the power of being at the top. This generation have no care in the world, they barely leave Tower One (the home of the elite), the latest virtual tech is used simulate the latest media experience, synthetic safe drugs, shopping and eating out are the order of the day. Politics, the tenements and power are not things these people are interested in but do not be fooled, whilst they care little about outsiders there is no way they will allow themselves to be deleted without a fight, there are plenty of family members who deserve it before you.

The thrill seekers: The generation most often found in the tenements. These unique individuals have become bored of the carefree life, they need some real adventure, some real action, some real people! Street drugs, gang violence, fight pits, industrial sabotage, terrorism, street dream weaving, cults, all very exciting and fun when you know it can't really hurt you...

The disgraced: Star crossed lovers, failures (your own fault or maybe framed by a sibling) and runaways. Your parents will have told you that you were cut off but they did keep your network online so they could berate you upon re-upload. Your scandal will be very well known, there will be a place on the character form for every character to enter a scandal which will be known by a few, yours will be public knowledge.

The outsider: You have married into one of the dynasty families from the outside or been rewarded for loyalty and people like to remind you of it. Whilst not rare it is often that you were a successful person in middle management who charmed their way up the ladder. You won't be a tenement dweller, that won't fly with the families no matter how much their children protest. Yours is a dangerous place (especially when your character finds out what the A.I is planning), the heirs and the hungry have little time for you in the real world and in the simulation you'll need to be on your toes.

Creating the character

When creating your character you will be asked to create two characters, one who is a 0.1% character as outlined above and a false infiltrator (however you may opt out of playing an Infiltrator) as described below.

This will be done through a series of questions found in a google form including character name, family, generation, bad things they have done, good things, fears and wants.

Included in a later questionnaire will be a section on off game themes you are comfortable with and not comfortable with, these will be provided as notes for the team running the testing and interrogation scenes to ensure your comfort and safety.

Expanding your character

Once you have booked please complete the character expansion form found here. Once it's complete we will add your information to the cast list below.

Character expansion form


You hail from the tenements.

You shouldn’t be here but you are.

This character will have encountered a small resistance movement intent on bringing down the corporations, their leader Poli has the ability to upload consciousness’s into the clone data memory systems and to what they believe is the Digital God A.I location.

True believers of the Church of the Digital Mother, Terrorists, Data Junkies, Joy Riders, Revolutionaries

There is no guarantee that you will play this character so please focus the same energy on your 0.1% character so that you have a great experience and are not disappointed.

Clone Families

The information will provide some additional information on the families which control the corporations and help you make character links, their corporate interests and some family celebrities. As we receive character submissions this information will be updated.

To find the players of the characters please use this Facebook group;


Business interests:

  • Cloning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Orbital industry

Head of the Family:

Ellen Cantos (Founder of the corporation)

Heir to the Family throne:

Calus Cantos (Ben Smith)

Significant relations (The hungry):

Clarissa Cantos (Head of Corporate Security). TBC Cantos (Becca Rothwell)

Family Celebrities and Socialites (The carefree):

Eladia Cantos (Laura Waldron) Cordelia Cantos (Hazel Rapson)

Family Troublemakers (Thrill seekers):

Asura Cantos (Aislin Le Galloudec) Ciaphas Cantos (Eligos Alexander) Felicity Cantos (Sabina) TBC Cantos (Sam Sulkin)

Disgraced family members (The Disgraced):

Amarinthine Cantos (Ian Semmens) Arabella Cantos (Sarah Lascelles) Mr Red/Blue (Andrew McDougall)

Outsiders and in laws (The outsiders):

Sally Weston (Steph Ferguson)

Zachery aka Zee Munitions

Business interests:

  • Weapons
  • Robotics

Head of the Family:

Albert Zachery (Founder of the corporation)

Heir to the Family throne:

Ronny Zee

Significant relations (The hungry):

Patrick Zachery (Twin of Patricia Zachery, also head of corporate security)

Family Celebrities and Socialites (The carefree):

Patricia Zachery (Twin of Patrick Zachery) Melaina Zachery (Astrid Scott-Bennett)

Family Troublemakers (Thrill seekers):

Marcus Zachery (Domonic Bailey) Serene Zachery (Ben Woodhead) Lilith Zachery (Katherine Roper)

Disgraced family members (The Disgraced):

Dysprosium Zachery (Cara Packwood), Myra Zachery (Theresa Austin)

Outsiders and in laws (The outsiders):


Business interests:

  • Human Resources
  • Legal protection

Head of the Family:

Angela Heinrieter

Heir to the Family throne:

Oscar Heinrieter (Simara Power)

Significant relations (The hungry):

Carmella Heinrieter (Catherine Armstrong-Gardner) Miranda Heinrieter (Sophie) TBC Heinrieter (Dan Waldron)

Family Celebrities and Socialites (The carefree):

Chase Heinrieter (Robert Armstrong-Gardner)

Family Troublemakers (Thrill seekers):

Crystal Heinreiter (Kat Samperi)

Disgraced family members (The Disgraced):

Candi Heinreiter (Theodore Bebb) Vladimir Heinreiter (Nathan Bettam)

Outsiders and in laws (The outsiders):

Jacob Meijer (Aided in the resultion of union strike action)


Business interests:

  • Cybernetics
  • Implants

Head of the Family:

Leon Aerophyte

Heir to the Family throne:

Kalix Areophyte (Peter Green)

Significant relations (The hungry):

HL Aerophyte (Leum Dunn) Lux Aerophyte (Rachelle Hunt)

Family Celebrities and Socialites (The carefree):

Lorelei Aerophyte (Emmanuelle Martaud)

Family Troublemakers (Thrill seekers):

Dorabelle Callaghan (Casidhe Nebulosa) Silver Areophyte (Hazel Dixon)

Disgraced family members (The Disgraced):

Sebastian Aerophyte (Robin Topper) Yelana Aerophyte (Zoe Gold)

Outsiders and in laws (The outsiders):

Malik Aerophyte (Kit Ben)


Business interests:

  • Medical outreach
  • Medical research
  • Charity
  • Previously fully augmented synthetic bodies designed for combat

Head of the Family:

Dr Mark Willow

Heir to the Family throne:

Xero Willow (Katherine Abercrombie)

Significant relations (The hungry):

Carnegie Willow (Gordon McDonald) Metis Willow (David Kibblewhite) Compassion Willow (Christopher 'Lambie' Lamb)

Family Celebrities and Socialites (The carefree):

Yolanda Willow (Jenny Witts) Zoe Willow (Jessica Patton) Harmony Willow (Minna Wilke)

Family Troublemakers (Thrill seekers):

TBC Willow (Dylan Green) Laurel Willow (Zsofia Dobo) Jess Willow (Gabriela Mizerija) Aurora Willow (Laura Langrish)

Disgraced family members (The Disgraced):

Leona Willow (Lena Falkenhagen) Dr Vim Willow (Alex Helm) TBC Willow (Emma Hotchkin)

Outsiders and in laws (The outsiders):

TBC (James Bates) Sebastian (Sean S Bonnar)

Sorenson aka Deploy INC

Business interests:

  • Global delivery network and logistics

Head of the Family:

Margarita Sorenson

Heir to the Family throne:

Nicolette Sorenson (Kalyn Wilson-Jack )

Significant relations (The hungry):

Isaac Sorenson (Dave Tipping)

Family Celebrities and Socialites (The carefree):

Emmanuel Sorenson (Han McKay) Delight Sorenson (Sarah Loughlin)

Family Troublemakers (Thrill seekers):

Stirling Soreson (Randall Wilson-Jack)

Disgraced family members (The Disgraced):

Blake Sorenson (Ben Stevens) Blytz Sorenson (Sarah Cook)

Outsiders and in laws (The outsiders):

Booked but not assigned:

Sam Sulkin Ruth Foster

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