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A MC-JOB 2040

“Come get it!

Come get your Ouroboros hot dogs here!

Only 1 new pound”

Ouroboros the market leaders in recycling made a fortune in 2036 when they developed the technology to reconstitute waste bio matter into edible proteins.

The Ouroboros DogTM was their first and most successful product. Later products such as O chilli, O potato chips, O candy and O beans have been as equally as successful, becoming part of many a tenement dwellers regular diet.

2040 has seen new investment in the chain, more vending machines and now the door to door franchise options!

“Do you have a passion for selling, doing what it takes to fill your quota?

Do you want to make it rich and dream of a place in Tower One?

Well become an O franchise today and see your dreams come true.”

Ouroboros and O are registered trademarks, under food laws passed in 2035 the O corporation are not required to declare the contents of their products.

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