Servitude and Sass

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Archetype background- The Loss Adjuster.

Street Level characters will most likely not know this information but the reputation of these people should be high amongst corporate and police characters.

Welcome to HR,

In this induction pack we hope to answer some the questions you may have regarding your role as a Loss Adjuster and outline your benefits package.

As a Loss Adjuster you will be our first on scene in the event of any catastrophic incidents, acts of terrorism or industrial accidents.

Armed with our backing and authority you will be expected to investigate the scene, interview witnesses, gather evidence and most importantly ensure that a good outcome can be achieved for our corporate clients. Your first question will no doubt be. “What about the police? Surely they control the scene?”

As benefactors of their payroll system and human resources, you will be provided a level of access to crime scenes and files.

If you do have a complaint regarding the actions of any officer please report this to their commanding officer or head office.


The respect that comes with being a junior executive with Heinreiter Resolutions.

Alongside your generous salary you will also be provided with an apartment of your choosing in the newly refurbished gated community of Tenement 3.

We look forward to seeing you in action.

The board


Working for a corporation is the best! Working for Heinreiter is the best of the best! You don't need to worry about anything when you work hard. Heinreiter provide for their workers!

You'll have everything you could possibly need provided for you, entirely for free, with no effort needed!

It's amazing!

I work for Tower One Media, a subsidiary of Heinreiter, and I never have to worry about anything. I know that I'm going to be taken care of by Heinreiter, I'm a valued employee.

If I ever need anything, all I have to do is tell my handlers and it'll be provided for me. But I never need to do that, because Heinreiter take care of it's employees!

They know exactly what I need before I even realise I need it! Tower One Media make valuable products of the highest standard, with my help!

I get given the very best clothes, made just for me, so we can make the best programming possible. And it's the same for all Heinreiter employees! Whatever clothing or special equipment you need to do your job properly will be provided for you!

Heinreiter value their employees. Heinreiter make the best possible products by having the best employees! The best employees get the best equipment so they can do their best work! Sometimes employees get ill. It can be really hard working when you're not well! But rest assured, Heinreiter is always there for their employees!

I never get ill because Tower One Media make sure I have all the latest vaccinations and preventative medications.

If you are lucky enough to get a high risk job with Heinreiter, they'll make sure you get the best preventative health care too! Keeping employees in tip top condition is very important to Heinreiter. If anything unfortunate does happen and you do need health care, Heinreiter will be there for you! They will make sure that you get the very best treatment suitable for your level of employment!

Some people aren't lucky enough to have jobs with good corporations. I've seen it myself! It's so sad! There are people in the Tenements who don't get enough to eat, don't have healthcare, or even anywhere safe to sleep at night.

Life can be really dangerous for these people, being hungry and dirty is the reality of their existence. If only Heinreiter could employ all of them and save them from such awful conditions.

You can hear all about it soon in Tower One Medias new production; Charity Banks: On the Edge, Of Danger! by Charity Banks, Media Mega Star, January 2040