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The safety of participants is important to Carcosa Dreams and therefore we expect everyone to read this document and abide by the safety mechanics in place.

Consensual role play/space

All role-play should be consensual but that doesn’t mean it has to be pre-planned in most cases. We ask that all participants take extra care when engaging in themes around relationships, whether they be platonic, family or romantic. We expect persons to approach other participants in advance before engaging in close relationships. Do not insert your character into these interactions without permission of others. As mentioned in the respect policy certain themes and behaviours will not be tolerated and we ask that anyone witnessing them reports it immediately so that we can deal with.

As part of this idea around consensual role play all person have the right to walk away from situations they feel uncomfortable or unsafe in without being confronted.

In any instance where you feel uncomfortable or unsafe and want to indicate this then please use the following mechanic/prompt so those around can clearly see it.

Walking away

Shade your eyes with your hand and say the following “I’m out.” At this point both parties should stop role playing and allow the participant to leave the scene.

If the scene is taking place in the participants off game or in game space then the other parties should immediately leave the area.

This mechanic should never be used for any in character advantage, doing so not only spoils the larp for other but also make a mockery of the system.

Safe spaces

A players sleeping area is also the participant’s safe space if they need some time alone. If you feel that you need a break or are going to bed then you should not be disturbed. Where events have sleeping areas which are also in game closing the door to your space will indicate it is off game.

There will be a off game space indicated at the start of each event where you can go for peace and quiet and to have private conversations with the organisers. If you require their attendance you will need to put inform us before heading to the space or alternatively you can simply head their alone to relax.

Accidents and Fire

In the event of discovering an accident or fire please use the shouting the phrase “Safety” followed by a brief description of the issue until help arrives. For example; “Safety, Fire.”

Respect policy

As part of our policy on respect we ask that you adhere to the following rules and principles.

1.Closely read the other material available regarding in character behaviours which are and are not appropriate.

2.As you may have guessed these behaviours will not be tolerated out of character either. Anyone engaging in behaviours considered to be bigoted or exclusionary regarding physical appearance, race, gender, sexuality, non-binary sexuality or physical/mental abilities will be asked to leave. This includes crew.

3.If you feel that someone is acting offensively or against this respect policy then please contact a member of the games team so that we can contact the individual in private and investigate the situation. Carcosa Dreams supports open conversation as a way to help educate and halt these behaviours. We also understand that these types of behaviour can be very offensive but ask that people refrain from violence and aggressive responses so that they can be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

4.If you have concerns regarding the attendance of an individual which may impact on the safety or comfort of other players, please email .

5.All reports will remain confidential and appropriate action will be taken where required.

6.During pregame and postgame sessions do not SHOUT, this includes shouting for quiet. In these instances if a member of crew or a player raise their hand you should stop talking and follow suit. This will allow people to be heard with the need for shouting “SHUT UP” and other associated methods of getting the attention of the room. Secondly this will give those struggling with noise and hearing an opportunity to calm things down/make people aware they are uncomfortable.

7.Do not interrupt others when they are talking in off game spaces. If you wish to join a conversation please ask politely before joining in.