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Blank Ops

“It never happens. Ogendi personnel only take officially sanctioned work through our offices.” This is obviously bullshit. With the amount of New Pound and enhancements Corporations offer there is always a Merc or two available to handle a threat or extract items.

It becomes a problem when rival Corporations have “employed” someone off the books. As part of the sign up contract to Ogendi, operatives are promised work which will not pit them against colleagues and friends. While they can expect to deal with corporate security or International Criminals they should never come up against their own.

Sadly these “Blank Ops” do happen. Sometimes the offer is just that good.

Why “Blank Ops” you ask?

After these missions the buyer will insist upon the memories of the mission being redacted from the mercenaries mind, often by a corporate employed Dream Weaver. It prevents any embarrassment when Ogendi come looking for compensation and maintains the status quo.


Prosthetics aren’t new, and many of those found in the tenements date back to 2020 or in some cases even earlier.

Advancements in synth flesh 3D printing technology drove the modification market in 2031. Clunky, metallic and hard plastic were to be a thing of the past for those who could afford it.

Now it’s 2040, Aerophyte and the new kids Neurotic now supply 90% of the items available on the open and black market. Neural laces which allow a user to push their body beyond the brains limits, loader arms for industry, military grade combat claws, multi-spectrum eyes, back up critical organ systems, vascular control valves, muscle enhancing lace, bone lacing, sub-dermal chest plating, tracial filters, internal re-breathers, toxin filters…

But all this technology costs an arm and a leg, you could save for a life time and never afford an off the line upgrade. Only through the implantation programs in various workspaces can the many legally access these advances.

So the tech black market calls, grows like a tumour in the tenements. Ripper Docs and Tech thieves are numerous, feared but also needed. Have you seen the prices the Willow Foundation charge? (And they are a charity).

With these predators around only the foolish or the connected with the Union show off their wares in public around the tenements.

So yeah, I’m a Ripper Doc, fall asleep in the wrong place or come across a street punk looking for a quick buck and you’ll end up on my table.

Slice and dice!

I’ll take out the good bits and scrap the rest, sell your organs to harvesters in hours.

Slice and dice!

Don’t forget me. If you need something replacing or a tune up I’m here, I take weapons, ammo, New Pound…shit I even take body parts as payment.

No stims though. I got to keep myself clean for this kind of work.

See nothing and hear nothing

Bribes are common in 2040 in all levels of society, they make everything work. Amongst the cops only the truly noble and strong willed can face working in the City Police Department without taking a little here and there.

At street level you are talking 5 – 10 NP for something minor, at the top hundreds of thousands can switch hands to make sure something gets done.

Don’t forget, snitches get stitches and a bribes a bribe, take it a talk, well don’t expect to live long no matter who you are.