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Treatments of Injuries

There is no right and wrong way to achieve medical assistance but we hope that it can be done in keeping with the setting, injuries take time to treat and heal, please bear this in mind. To assist with those less confident or are looking for "game" in their medical practice we have a guide below.

Medical characters will have a number of success/fail cards given to them upon arrival. The ratio of success/fail will be determined by the archetype the player chose. For example; the recently qualified will have more fails than success.

Once an hour a medical character may treat a patient (timing) by performing appropriate role-play before they choose a card from their remaining deck to determine the result. Note that the result card should be given to the patient and not returned to the deck.

Once an hour a medical character may assist another character as mentioned in the results cards.

A character may recover cards by undertaking suitable role-play such as rest, eating or even ingesting items such a performance enhancing drugs. Please inform a member of the games team and they will give you a new card.