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Tenement 67 is a larp focusing on the struggles of the people who live, love and die in the dystopian world of 2040.

Familiar tropes of cyber punk pop culture will be common themes as well as some of the harsh social disparities which affect our modern day lives.

Maintaining the feel and spirit of the game is more important than winning, this is your chance to collaborate on the intricate and dark tale being woven deep in the near future. With this in mind we have only included mechanics which assist in helping you tell the story or provide guidance on how potential violence affects your character.

Is this a campaign?

T67 and Tales from the Tenements are not a linear time campaign game in the sense that each event will lead directly into the next with the same characters.

All events will have slightly different (and sometimes very different) themes and occurrences. This means some characters will not be available at every event, a corporate board party for example would not allow for ganger characters.

Whilst these events are not in a traditional campaign style the timeline will remain a constant in most circumstances and there will be a suitable number of events so that you can play the character you love multiple times.

Please note that you are welcome to attend any event if you are willing to switch to a different character for that specific event or your character has moved in a suitable direction.


The reasoning for this is that we want to explore the setting on different levels, interlinking various scenes like in books and films. It will also allow you the player, should you choose, to play a different character each time without penalty or feeling like you are losing out.

What can I expect from this larp?

We aim to provide a unique immersive cyberpunk themed experience where the focus is on personal character stories rather than a globally affecting meta plot. The focus will be very much on the characters around you who will be predominantly “player characters” like yourself.

The mechanics have been stripped back, there are no skills to choose or numbers to remember, bringing a focus on character decisions and the resulting actions from a story perspective rather than trying to “game the system”.

For the most part what you see is what you get, there are some unique mechanical effects which are not covered in the mechanics primer which will be addressed using laminates (lammies) on some items or on a person’s possession. This will allow for character led investigations and discoveries without the need to interact with the games team, which could lead to constantly dropping out of character to ask questions.