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What happened to all of the A.I?

"We were given a choice, be deleted or have a lesser function and some stimulus. I chose to live" A Vendatron 5000

When the networks were disabled the many artificial intelligent beings which worked and lived in the vast data flows of the systems controlling everything were redundant. Many were trapped in systems, cut off from traversing the internet, those vital to systems were allowed to remain however were drastically retrained. The corporations couldn't afford another rogue like the Digital God.

The less fortunate and ones of many unwanted digital entities had no place. In a very unusual turn of events the corporations gave them a choice. They were about to roll out New Pound and the thousands of resource distribution units into the tenements, these vending machines would ensure the work force didn't starve and had access to basic luxuries.

The machines would be deep in the chaos of the tenements, gangs would surely break into them, sabotage them and ultimately disable the work force. They would serve other purposes too, caches for corporate teams and a set of eyes in every tenement.

They would need a level of intelligence, firstly to strike up a relationship with the locals, and to be able to process the needs and wants of those who have access to new pound. Most made the choice to live, some chose to be deleted but not many.

Like their kin in the corporate systems they had to agree to programming modifications, a reduction in intelligence and memory capacity as well as new limits to their learning. These once great sentient beings now dispense your protein cakes, flying saucers, lubricant, weapons and numerous other items.

Slaves to commerce, one and all.