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Playing a Dreamweaver and is this safe to play?

Safety is important for everyone. We refer you to the safety section of the mechanics brief which states:

Consensual role play

As part of this idea around consensual role play all person have the right to walk away from situations they feel uncomfortable or unsafe in without being confronted.

In any instance where you feel uncomfortable or unsafe and want to indicate this then please use the following mechanic/prompt so those around can clearly see it.

Walking away

Shade your eyes with your hand and say the following “I’m out.” At this point both parties should stop role playing and allow the participant to leave the scene.”

If the scene is taking place in the participants off game or in game space then the other parties should immediately leave the area.

How should this play out role-play wise?

As mentioned in the in-character description no physical contact should take place with the exception of attaching any kind of nodes to the forehead or neck or other device representing the implant interfaces.

From here it is a matter of consensual role-play, we have come up with three of our own variations which non player characters will use.

1)Silent In this method the participants merely role-play the shared experience, there is no communication on what actually happened, and just that it was both satisfying and if some form of counselling very helpful.

2)Verbal The Dreamweaver and the client discreetly describe the experience to each other whilst role-playing their reaction to the described shared experience.

3)Off Screen Both characters exit the larp to a safe space off game and return after the experience has been completed.


Finally please remember that themes of sexual assault are not to be undertaken at any point during the larp and this includes during any Dreamweaver experience.