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Murder and Death

We trust you to die at the right time, as participants we ask that you do the same. Be generous with you role-play and think carefully before taking any action which will kill another character in an instant. We ask that you carefully consider the timing of your actions, how much dialogue and roleplay the victim will get out of the interaction.

Everyone is here to make stories and you are about to end someone else’s. The key question to ask yourself is; “How would you feel about this?” How much of the game is remaining?

This doesn’t mean murder and death won’t happen.

Have you spoken to the other participant? We have an off game space which is perfect for these conversations to take place.

If you are nervous about “tipping off the participant” come and talk to the games team. We are happy to advise on timings or to suggest other potential methods of getting a resolution for your character. Perhaps there is a solution without murder, perhaps not.

For the victims please remember this is a dramatic theme, a single knife wound won’t kill someone, someone can survive a bomb blast, gun shots and a grenade with serious injuries.

We ask that you respect actions where the time is taken to stab your character repeatedly or hack them to pieces with a chainsaw etc. If the guidance above is followed this will be an appropriately dramatic point for both parties and a great end to a story.

We’ll be on hand after the incident and available to help you recover before getting back in with another character.