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Cybernetic implants

Technological advancement moved at a rapid rate after the invention several new compound plastics which allowed for implantation without the human body rejecting it.

Bio engineered limbs coated with vat grown flesh to match the recipient easily pass for the real thing. Replacement organs, even eyes can be grown using the latest bio engineering technology. Infused with top of the line cyber technology these improvements have taken humanity to the next level. Burns, cancers and many genetic disorders no longer plague the top point two percent of human race who can afford it.

In the tenements it’s a very different story, most of the technology is years behind the latest advancements. Implanted data stacks require physical jacking, unsophisticated or make shift cybernetic prosthesis whirl with the sound of mechanics and leave bare metal exposed. Eyes implanted for details are cloudy or bulky units fitted into eye sockets. Workers bear the scars of data and control ports across their bodies, these entry points designed for the insertion of cables on the factory floor in order to control machinery or work stations.

Whilst the poor cannot afford the latest tech they are resourceful. In 2037 a street implanter developed a cheap bastardised version of a cranial information interface. Fitted to the back of the neck these commonly found implants (Dream Weavers} allow users to jack into each other’s minds for a consensual shared experience. (You do not need to have an implant port to enjoy the experience but the weaver must have a suitable method of interfacing such as headsets or detectable nodes).

As well providing a new media for aspiring artists and performers the implant has also removed the need physical contact in the sex industry and have quickly became popular amongst those working in the industry. In most cases implants you choose to make a part of your costume/look will have no overt mechanical effect other than what you choose to role-play they do. The only exception to this is the below genre Meta physical rules:

•You cannot create a character who has military grade cybernetics which increase physical strength, stamina etc. unless agreed with the larp design team.

•The level of technology available is low, bear that in mind when you look at costuming any implants. They should look grubby, and have elements which show on the outside of your characters skin.

•Implants are a prime target for causing pain to a character, roleplaying yanking on them or inserting electrical cables should have a suitable effect on your character.

•Implants with mechanical effects will appear as the larp progresses. These will have instructions with them on what advantage they have for a character who has them implanted.