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The syndicate

Respect and Challenges

“We will not be some tenement street gang, we will be an organised slick operation. The down trodden and the police will fear us. The corporations will respect us. To get there we must prove our worth, not only to ourselves but our adversaries and allies.” Shroud, the faceless queen of the Syndicate, 2037. Respect is very important within the Syndicate, it forms the currency of their command structure and is taken to the extreme.

Disrespect someone on the same level and expect a beating, smack talk or offend some higher up and the stakes go up. If you are lucky you’ll lose a limb, at worst you and your family will be fitted with explosive implants whilst working off the debt.


The Three

Local bosses

Lieutenants (3)

Respected members (The butcher)

Syndicate street punks

Syndicate sell outs (67 saints etc.)

And so Respect is applied when challenging for power. One does not simply murder their boss and take over, that merely shows you have the competency of a street thug.

In laying down the foundations for the Syndicate it is rumoured that Shroud herself undertook the same process outlined below.

To not follow it is to show great disrespect to the institutional values of the entire organisation. Before making a challenge for local boss a lieutenant is expected to put in ground work in secret, by undermining projects, re-directing funds and getting at least one of the other lieutenants on board. When ready they should make their move by ceremonially addressing the local boss and issuing the challenge. Out of respect the all local members will attend a “family” meeting.

Here the lieutenant outlines their strategy for the takeover in an attempt to show off their guile and skill.

Once this is done each member of the local Syndicate is entitled to a vote. Should the lieutenant succeed the boss will have some time to put their affairs in order before being publically executed.

Should the lieutenants bid fail then they will find themselves at the mercy of the gang boss. Design note: We expect all play of this kind to take place at the event. Whilst making links is important we request that plans to usurp the current boss as done during the game.

As a result we would expect a challenge to take place later in the event with the execution (if successful) or the payback (if fails) taking place on screen before the larp ends.

Selling out

The promise of wealth and power is sometimes too hard to resist, and other times there is no choice at all. Street gangs who join the Syndicate rarely enjoy the changes that come with membership. The care free almost anarchic existence and sense of control over their destiny quickly vanishes.

The Three will chose a boss to take control of that gang’s territory and operations, that’s the price of membership. Within days the old leadership structures of that gang are violently tossed out. More akin to working for a corporation adjustment is hard. The gang find themselves at the bottom of the ladder, the new boss will make sure they know that.

Product is seized, recreational stim use is outlawed and jobs are assigned whether the gangers like it or not. For the residents of the territory things often improve. If you are willing to get with the program, nod and show respect to the right people you can expect random criminal acts to become obsolete.

Things don’t always go smoothly, sometimes the nature of the street gang’s causes issues. At this point a butcher will be sent in to quell any rebellious tendencies…

Church of the digital mother

Tenets of the faithful

“One day you will see the truth, you will learn to understand the patterns and numbers in the data all around us. When God left the analogue world they left us a trail to follow, a path to enlightenment and a way to see the demons all around us.” An-exert from the church of the digital mother introduction video. Before deciding to play a follower of the church of the Digital Mother we recommend you first ready the T67 World Book 1, which has details of the battle of cyber space and who Digital Mother was.

Below are some of the most common themes of worshippers and a few universal tenets of the faith. Started from the ashes of an anarchic anti-capitalist hacker movement there is not right way as long as things fit in with the below.

The first; the mind and body are separate, it may be a soul but only the dead know. The other God’s tend to theirs and so the Digital God tends to us.

The second; it is the quest of the faithful to join with the Digital God, found by Digital Mother, our champion and our greatest.

The third; the material world holds no place for us, the corporate body and greed are extensions and manifestations of the demons who seek to halt out progress. Through faith we will follow the trail left for us and become digital consciousness.

In recent times there has been heated discussion regarding the place of “true clones”. (Those rich enough to have a body in storage at Cantos facilities whom have had their consciousness digitised and backup on a regular basis.)

Are they false prophets and demons leading the rest of humanity into the trap of flesh and material existence?


Are they merely the misguided whom have achieved some semblance of enlightenment, who should be pitied helped to see the true path and be at one with the Digital God?